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Arma 3

Dedicated Game Server for Arma 3


We use a wide range of mods


You can find our events on youtube!


Live streaming during our events!

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About JAGC

JAGC was established by Mr Spud, 223Games & Capt.Red Beard. Between us we have a broad experience with Arma 3 ranging from Squad Leader to Zeus to server management.
We created JAGC to be able to play Arma with others who are looking for the same co-op experience.
Our gameplay is casual milsim with a focus on a fun and exciting co-op experience with the use of everyone’s favorite weapons and vehicles.
We currently have a focus on infantry missions, but are looking to expand to the use of heavy vehicles and air support.

The main event is every friday evening at 20:30, a Zeus builds and guides the mission.
We play a campaign per month, meaning for 1 month we play on the same map with the same faction.

How do we play?

  • Main event every friday at 20:30.
  • Every other saturday we host an Arma event.
  • We use a standard steam mod list for all our Main events. We switch maps once a month.
  • Missions will be set up by a Zeus.
  • Squad Leaders are the ones in charge.
  • We use the basic ACE medical system.
  • Task Force Radio and teamspeak are required.
  • Limited arsenal at the start of the mission to customize your loadout.
  • 5 roles to choose from: Squad Leader, Medic, Light Anti Tank, Light Machine Gunner, Specialist.
  • No “Yes Sir!, No Sir!” mentality.
  • No mandatory training

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